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About Us

About Our Company

A green startup based out of Pune, Gaia Environmental services has been constituted with the core objective of helping the society to realise its obligation towards our GAIA(mother earth) and empowering them with solutions for sustainable living. Gaia remains a humble effort in restoring the umbilical bond with our lovely planet.

(It is only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realise that we cannot eat money By encouraging sustainable ways of living we have that one last opportunity to give back to our GAIA, the mother earth, in our own way, to feed her, to strengthen her to continue providing us with life-supporting nutrients.

Our Projects

Team Members

Rajneesh Chadha

Founder & Director

Ashok Ahuja

Founder & Director

Neha Singh


Our Mission

Conceived with a vision to empower every household with a sense of reciprocity, to start giving back to our GAIA, Mother Earth, as much as we take, thereby enriching their quality of life and make this world a better place to live in.

Our Vision

  • To help alleviate the effect of climate change due to human activity
  • To promote sustainable living by adoption & usage of Greener Products & Technologies

Our Aim

GAIA intends to promote a sense of obligation, to whomsoever it connects, towards living a balanced lifestyle with minimal impact on Earth, thereby contributing a drop in the Ocean of Climate Change & its Impact.

GAIA aims to promote

  • Urban Forests within city limits.
  • Vertical Gardens within our living or working spaces.
  • Generation and Usage of Alternative Fuels like Solar, Bio-Gas etc.
  • Promote the use of Alternative products / Services which could help reduce the carbon footprint of an individual. For e.g. use of cloth bags instead of Plastic bags.
  • Replenish & rejuvenate Mother earth’s natural resources like Water through Rain Water Harvesting & other programs.
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