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  • Instead of viewing nature as something outside of our cities & neighbourhood, where forests and ‘wild’ spaces exist only in designated parks and preserves or ‘out in the country’, perhaps it is high time more of us embrace and nurture our own little section of wilderness, right in our own backyards.


  • Gaia Green provides the facility of Backyard Foresting. Urban dwellers, living in high rise apartments don’t have space and can only dream of green. But, as every problem has a solution. Gaia Green has been making efforts to bring the forest into open spaces around people’s homes and offices.


  • Generally, in gardens we take idea of and scaping, with a heavy focus on lawns, popular trees, shrubs, and ornamental, all with their own designated space in the yard, and yet this approach runs counter to how nature does things and can end up using more resources (time, fuel, water) to achieve less.


  • Lack of space, however, often limits the gardener’s options. All this is being done while we can grow small forests into your backyard with native trees and shrubs suited to your local climate, that will satisfy your craving for the great outdoors.

Creating Food Forest

A forest requires no human support and no inputs of fossil fuel energy, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to create a profusion of life. By modelling our gardens on the principles of a forest, we too can also have low maintenance gardens – with all the diversity, resilience and beauty of natural systems!

Information on Food Forests

  • A ‘food forest’ is a system of gardening using a diversity of long-lived species, as opposed to annual vegetables that are chosen and arranged such as they complement and support each other, minimizing weeds, pests, and maintenance while providing a rich variety of harvests.


  • Fruit trees are the centrepieces, the framework, of the food forest. You can further stack the system out with a variety of other food and support plants at different heights. They should be arranged in such a way that they complement each others’each other’s needs.


  • A food forest is a means of inviting wildlife by providing habitat. A pond also helps to bring in beneficial wildlife, including insects, frogs, lizards, and birds etc. Once a healthy ecosystem is established, it will keep your forest healthy.


FAQ’s About Backyard Forest

Minimum area is 50 Sq mtr or 500 sq ft. , 4-5 meters width, open area with direct sunlight for at least 8-10 hours a day, with sufficient water and protection
All newly planted city trees are maintained for their first three years by us. Once the three -year period has passed, you can take care of them.
If a legally installed and permitted utility line is damaged when a planting contractor digs a new pit, we will ensure you that our team restores it.
Yes, we do. Call us at +91 9545594008 or you can visit our ‘Contact Us’ page and fill in your details and we’ll call you back.