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We Believe and actively support the following tenets at GAIA

  • Leadership – that is adaptive and authentic, that excites people to exceptional performance
  • Engagement – enabling full participation and willing contribution of discretionary effort
  • Respect and Inclusion – of people, ideas, perspectives and cultures
  • Collaboration – work collaboratively with our clients, and encourage collaboration, mutual trust and respect in individuals and groups.
  • Authenticity – we strive for authenticity and congruence, and encourage these qualities in those with whom we work
  • Self-awareness – knowledge of ourselves and our impact on the system.  We are committed to ongoing personal and professional development, and lifelong learning
  • Honesty – Green Gaia is founded on honesty, and our business values produce a more AGILE environment that permits Gaia Green to exceed our clients’ expectations:
  • Adaptive – Being adaptive means we concede the changing world, its progress and the requirements of the new business paradigm. This challenge provides new and exciting opportunities for business as well as personal growth.
  • Imaginative – The business world is complete of possibilities. Being creative is a way of life at Gaia Green, and every one of us is encouraged to look past the clear answer and develop beautiful ideas.

Green Gaia is founded on honesty, and our business values produce a more AGILE environment that permits Gaia Green  to exceed our clients’ expectations:

Our Mission

Conceived with a vision to empower every household with a sense of reciprocity, to start giving back to our GAIA, Mother Earth, as much as we take, thereby enriching their quality of life and make this world a better place to live in.

Our Vision

  • To help alleviate the effect of climate change due to human activity
  • To promote sustainable living by adoption & usage of Greener Products & Technologies

Be a Part of Our Team

We are continuously on the lookout for people who are enthusiastic, passionate & share our concern for the deterioration of our planet.

We are on look out for people having expertise in garden landscaping and design of Vertical Gardens. Degree in horticulture would be an added advantage.


If you don’t get the vacancy you’re searching for, don’t be put off; we’re forever looking for expert people, send us your CV at

We at the moment have no vacancies but do not let that stop you transmitting in your CV and a covering letter.