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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment, abbreviated as EIA is comparatively new planning and decision-making device first used in the United States.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a formal method used to are expecting the environmental consequences of any development assignment. Environmental Impact Assessment in India is statutory-backed via the surroundings safety act in 1986, which includes various provisions on EIA technique and manner.

EIA is the formal term for Global warming, ozone depletion, and deforestation. So we need to protect Earth from harmful consequences through  EIA.

Environamental Impact

EIA Process


Screening is the first and most effective method in task assessment. it decides if the mission needs eia or now not. the government rules categorize tasks into two categories, a and b based totally at the spatial volume of the impacts, outcomes on human fitness and the outcomes at the surroundings.

  • Category A projects are looked into by the Central Government
  • Category B Projects go to the State Government.

Preliminary Assessment

The screening would therefore clear a project or hold it for additional stages. If it’s command for next stage, the developer can got to take Preliminary Assessment, that involves spare analysis, review of accessible knowledge and professional recommendation so as to spot the key impacts on the project at native surroundings. This study can predict the extent of the impacts and would shortly appraise the importance for call manufacturers.


Scoping is yet one more stage before the most EIA method begins. The EIA study team that was organized when preliminary assessment would get engaged into discussions with developers, investors, restrictive agencies, scientific establishments, native individuals etc. it’d study and address all problems with importance and also the issues raised by varied teams. Then the team would choose the first impacts for main EIA to focus and determines elaborated and comprehensive Terms of Reference (ToR) for the most surroundings Impact Assessment (EIA).



Also, There are two more steps in EIA i.e. Main EIA and Public Hearing.

Once scoping is over, the main EIA begins. Thus, the EIA becomes a cycle of asking questions, and further questions until workable solutions are reached.

The SPCB conducts a public hearing at the site or in its close proximity- district wise for ascertaining concerns of local affected persons. It includes obtaining responses in writing from other concerned persons by posting on the website within 7 days of receiving the application. in India,