There is no wifi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection.

Campus Forests

We protect land through overreach, rebuilding and exploration.

Campus Forest is an integration of forest ecology and biology, forest measurements, forest policy and administration, and courses to predict and evaluate the effects of manipulation.
Timber, water, soils, recreation, wildlife, and a broad array of environmental values and services, such as biodiversity and healthy forest systems, are important results of Campus Forest.

Campus Forest has emphasized the importance of fostering healthy trees on campus, both for aesthetic and educational reasons.An urban forest planted on the outskirts of campus eventually will provide the type of old-growth habitat that was common in Indiana 500 years ago.

Walking from one end of College’s campus as well as Company campus , visitors can count more than 1,100 trees.In Colleges Students heading to class pass under towering oak trees, shady maples and even native persimmon trees and In Companies, the employees come there to reduce the stress from their work.

A lot of times, we don’t have time in our day to leave and go somewhere far away. If I want to teach students about forest communities by walking five minutes, that makes it much easier for the students,” said Alice Heikens, a biology professor at the college.

On a three-acre plot in the athletic complex, more than 50 trees have been planted and maintained. The open field, situated just south of the newly constructed tennis courts, contains 22 species.

We were looking for ways to reduce the amount of resources on mowing. It would be lower maintenance long term. It would be more environmentally friendly. It would be more aesthetically pleasing.”

In Europe,The college received a grant to construct the urban forest. Focusing on native Indiana trees, they planned a setup that would allow the forest to grow up into a healthy forest in 50 to 100 years.The design is done to replicate the four-tiered habitat the forest provides. Tall canopy trees were supported by midsized trees, shrubs and the forest floor such as grasses and ferns.

The idea is eventually for  Individuals  and the Industries to come to the forest to identify and examine the trees. Art classes can do drawings in the field, and photographers can work on composition in a unique space.

In Colleges,Even the college community will be able to walk through it and also the employees from Industies.

“People can come in and walk through, learn about environment, It is the main motive of this Campus Forest.