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Indoor Vertical Garden

  • Indoor Vertical Garden are basically green walls developed indoor with plants that need balanced water supply and nutrients. Indoor vertical gardens require shade loving plant variations.


  • Our careful selection of the best plant varieties will help in speedy growth and provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere inside and all without pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful nutrients.


  • We have created many indoor vertical gardens in Offices, Kitchen, Garden, Terrace Garden and at Other Similar Places.


Indoor Vertical Garden

Advantages of Indoor Vertical Gardens / Green Walls

Beautiful Designs & Ideally Grown Plant:

This is the most important part while planning a vertical garden. No worries! We will give you the best design options suitable for your wall. With the convenience of a selection of different species of plants from a wide variety of plants, you have the option to choose from aesthetics, flowering, kitchen vegetables or even plants that help to clear your indoor air.

You can Inflate your Space:

If you live in a small area, it can be hard to devote any of your precious real estates to plants–But, if you choose for a vertical garden in your home, you can decorate your walls with plants without giving up the favorite floor or counter space.

Clean your Polluted, Indoor Air:

Indoor plants can act as an air filtration system. A vertical garden is a most efficient & an effective way to get multiple plants into a room, without consuming precious real estate, which means you’ll have more plant ability cleaning and filtering your indoor air.

Feel Calmer + More productive:

Hanging a vertical garden indoors will make your home atmosphere a more refreshing place to be. Indoor plants can develop concentration, productivity, and creativity. Indoor plants are also well productive at reducing stress. If you have a home office, a green wall like this could promote more productive thinking and a sense of boosting energy while working.

Save Money on Decor:

Is there anything more precious than an artistic wall of lush greenery? Vertical gardens can do a lot to adorn your home. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with nature while sipping hot tea/coffee or even while engrossed in a good book to give the company? And don’t worry, it’s low-maintenance decor. Indoor Vertical plants generally do not need a lot of upkeep or maintenance.
so no need to worry about a big plant assurance. With a minimal amount of upkeep, you’re rewarded with a lot of indoor beauty.

The Plants which we Use

Syngonium Varigated

Philodendron Heart Leaf

Syngonium Miniature

Philodendron Golden Plant

Paperomia Green

Caladium Red Ruffle

FAQ’s About Indoor Vertical Garden

Most plants can be grown where it receives its proper light, water and nutrient requirements.
Water is supplied at the top row of pockets which wicks down through the pots and can be supplied by a drip irrigation or hand watered.
Irrigation frequency depends on type of plants and their water needs.