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Outdoor Vertical Garden

  • These are green covers / green walls developed on building facades or side walls on even in open porches or lobbies of Commercial buildings.

  • Outdoor vertical garden plants need sunshine to do well. These plants are cautiously selected so as to form a massive carpet and a long-lasting vertical garden system.

  • Plenty of different design solutions are available for outdoor vertical gardens.

  • The design of vertical garden depends on the available material, the and, local preferences as well as on the creativity and imagination of the users.


Outdoor Vertical Garden

Outdoor vertical Garden


Shields External Structures:

Outdoor vertical gardens protect the building’s external structure from the wrath of natural elements like strong winds and heavy downpours. Over time, the plants also shield the surfaces from any harm that may be caused by harmful UV rays. Besides, they also provide insulation by preventing extreme temperature fluctuations on the exterior surfaces which improve the building’s energy efficiency.

Creates Greener Urban Spaces

Urban areas are the most severely affected by climatic hazards due to the inadequacy of green spaces. Rather than search for spaces for mass plantation of trees in cities that are already cramped for space, it would make much more sense to cultivate an outdoor garden in your compounds and backyards. The fact that vertical gardens require minimal space and nurturing to grow and flourish is a deal clincher in this regard.

Offers Privacy:

Your home and your office are strictly private places and outdoor vertical gardens make sure it stays that way. You could cordon off a section of the property for yourself or maybe even create a sound barrier around the place. This though is contingent on the fact that you choose the right plants and maintain them at the appropriate thickness. Seek a professional’s help and expertise to avoid erring on this aspect.

Save Money on Decor:

Outdoor vertical gardens are a great way of beautifying your surroundings as well as keeping your surroundings clean and green. Vertical gardens are low maintenance compared to a landscaped garden and can serve as a natural air-purification system for your surroundings with a proper choice of plants known for their pollution reduction characteristics.

Reduces need for AC indoors

Large Commercial buildings and even residential buildings these day have tinted glass facades which are used to keep the heat from warming up the interiors. Rather if we plant vertical gardens on outside facade the plants would absorb sunlight to help them grow thereby reducing the need for AC in indoor environment.

Helps in reducing Urban Heat Island effect

It is a given fact that Urban areas are much warmer than its surrounding rural areas. Studies have also helped prove that night time heat is much more in cities which is primarily due to the fact that relatively tall buildings in cities block heat from radiating into the cold night sky.
Tar, asphalt, brick and concrete absorb insolation and release it as heat, rather than reflecting it (without heat) like soil does. Outdoor vertical gardens help alleviate the problem of Urban Heat Island effect.

Plants Which we Use

Apteniea Cardiflora

Asparagus Mayeri

Brown Dwarf Lily


Tredescentiea Purpea

Chlorophytum Green

FAQ’s About Outdoor Vertical Gardens

Generally this has not been an issue however we do not recommend using them for parrot cages.