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  • To help alleviate the effect of climate change due to human activity

  • To promote sustainable living by adoption & usage of Greener Products & Technologies


Conceived with a vision to empower every household with a sense of reciprocity, to start giving back to our GAIA, Mother Earth, as much as we take, thereby enriching their quality of life and make this world a better place to live in.


GAIA intends to promote a sense of obligation, to whomsoever it connects, towards living a balanced lifestyle with minimal impact on Earth, thereby contributing a drop in the Ocean of Climate Change & its Impact.

GAIA aims to promote

  • Urban Forests within city limits.
  • Vertical Gardens within our living or working spaces.
  • Generation and Usage of Alternative Fuels like Solar, Bio-Gas etc.
  • Promote the use of Alternative products / Services which could help reduce the carbon footprint of an individual. For e.g. use of cloth bags instead of Plastic bags.
  • Replenish & rejuvenate Mother earth’s natural resources like Water through Rain Water Harvesting & other programs.